Peer-to-peer Training and Advisory Services In district Energy & Energy from Waste


Nordic Heat is an independent peer-to-peer training , advisory, resource pooling and business innovation platform aiming to support the development of District Energy, Energy from Waste (EfW) and Waste Management solutions in Europe and beyond.

Founded in 2014 by a group of municipality owned energy operators in Sweden, all with more than 50 years of experience in installing and operating profitable district energy schemes in a deregulated energy market.


  • The role of Nordic Heat is to assist project teams in securing the swift implementation of high performing, reliable and competitive waste management solutions while minimising investment levels, operational costs and risks. A wider objective is to optimising the commercial, social, environmental and political benefits of investments in sustainable energy.
  • Also to actively facilitating efficient exchange of competences, experiences and new innovative technologies and practices, thereby strengthening the overall competitiveness of the sector.
  • Nordic Heat also aims at facilitating energy operators in sharing of key competences and resources, thereby securing access to best available competences while reducing cost of man-power.


Academy – Master Classes and Vocational training
Advice – peer-to-peer advisory services
Innovation – facilitating cooperation to boost speed and scope in technical and commercial innovation
Pooling – sharing of resources and competences in commissioning, operations and maintenance


Contact Us

CEO and Founder Peter Anderberg

Chris Garside

Mark Woodward

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