Nordic Heat offers broad peer-to-peer advisory and training services aiming to support new entrants to the district energy sector through the entire process of leading successful district energy networks projects and energy from waste (EfW) solutions. Based on the extensive know-how and experience developed in Scandinavia during the past 50 years, we offer unbiased independent advice and our services are tailor-made to the specific needs of each project.

When contacting us will get access to 250 highly experienced professionals across 20 markets, all eager to assist you and your teams in establishing effective and profitable district energy businesses. Based on their extensive experience and track record in the district energy sector, our experts will assist you with peer-to-peer advice, training, planning and operational support, benchmarking, selection of technologies and suppliers as well as leadership guidance.

Nordic Heat masterclasses

Nordic Heat organises training and study visits across Europe. Since its start in 2014 more than 1,000 professionals across 10 countries have attended one or more Masterclass. Significantly more persons have been involved in study visits organised at the operational facilities of Nordic Heat’s partners.

The Masterclasses cover a wide range of topics along the value chain for developing heat networks.

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Nordic Heat advisory services

Nordic Heat Approach

Overall Objective

Securing the short and long-term competitiveness of district energy systems by minimizing investments and risks, while optimizing the value proposition and revenues.

  • Implementing large scale district energy systems is a complex multi-stakeholder endeavour involving significant investments and risks. It may also involve some major temporary disturbances during the installation process.
  • A fundamental requirement when being implemented in a non-regulated market, is to secure the ability of district heating to offer a short and long term competitive value proposition vs. alternative heating solutions.
  • Individual gas boilers, currently the dominating heating source in Netherlands, currently benefits from very low market prices of gas.
  • In order to become a realistic alternative to gas, district heating must at least match, if not undercut, current heating costs, while at the same time providing a stronger overall value proposition.


Nordic Heat has developed a structured approach, aiming to systematically review existing feasibility studies and business plans with the aim of identifying opportunities to explore, and threats to manage.

  • The review and exchange process offered by Nordic Heat, follows a structured model which has been applied on multiple cases, and that is regularly up-dated.
  • The aim is to break down the value chain into five core blocks, starting from the demand side, and step by step move onwards towards the supply of heat.
  • Depending on the focus of the brief, all or specifically targeted blocks are analysed both in terms of costs-risks revenues-opportunity.
  • The wide network of energy operators and other key partners involved in the Nordic Heat network ensures access to the most recent bench mark figures, e.g. in terms of cost for procurement, installation and O&M, as well as access to alternative tariff models, design solutions, standards, business models, innovations, etc