Nordic Heat is an independent and not for profit peer-to-peer advisory service aiming to support the development of District Energy and energy from waste (EfW) solutions in new markets. Our mission is to transfer the extensive knowledge and experience developed in Scandinavia over the past 50 years.


Nordic Heat is an independent peer-to-peer training , advisory, resource pooling and business innovation service aiming to support the development of District Energy, Energy from Waste (EfW) and Waste Management solutions in Europe and beyond. Founded in 2014 by a group of municipality owned energy operators in Sweden, all with more than 50 years of experience in installing and operating profitable district energy schemes in a deregulated energy market.


When contacting us will get access to 250 highly experienced professionals across 20 markets, all eager to assist you and your teams in establishing effective and profitable district energy businesses. Based on their extensive experience and track record in the district energy sector, our experts will assist you with peer-to-peer advice, training, planning and operational support, benchmarking, selection of technologies and suppliers as well as leadership guidance.

Nordic Heat’s role is that of a highly experienced critical friend assisting in the preparation and execution of district energy projects across Europe.



Öresundskraft is one of Sweden’s largest energy companies and it is fully owned by the Council of Helsingborg. The company focuses on the sale and distribution of energy (electricity, district heating and cooling, natural gas) as well as broadband networks and alternative fuel.

Tekniska verken

Tekniska verken

Tekniska verken is a municipal energy company and serves around 230 000 private and business customers in the region of Linköping, South Sweden. Services include electricity, lighting, water, district heating, district cooling, waste management, broadband, biogas, efficient energy solutions as well as electricity trading.

Masterclasses and events

Nordic Heat organises training and study visits across Europe. The Masterclasses cover a wide range of topics along the value chain for developing Heat Networks. Since its start in 2014 more than 1,000 professionals across 10 countries have attended one or more Masterclasses.

The overriding ambition of Nordic Heat is to assist new entrants to the district energy sector in the challenging process of bringing projects beyond feasibility studies and into business planning, financing, installations and operations.